If you didn’t already know that eagles are among the world’s most dangerous and efficient predators, then after this video, you will. The video is a diverse collection of eagle attacks on other animals, some of them are much smaller than the eagle, while others are larger and far heavier.

Eagle’s usually have impressive wingspans, but the body of an eagle is not the big. That doesn’t seem to deter these eagles in the video, as they go for prey that is seemingly out of their league. One of the most impressive attacks was against a mountain goat. The goat is a few times larger and heavier than the eagle, and yet the flying predator seems to pick up the goat without too much trouble and make him his dinner.

Time after time, the eagles impress in the video, taking on vicious animals like a rattlesnake and a fox. Time and again, you’ll witness the land animal running away from the eagle’s initial attack and then turning to fight once the eagle is on them. But eagles have very powerful talons, and it doesn’t take much for them to eviscerate their prey. The attack on the fox is proof of that, as the eagle takes a fierce fighting animal and reduces it to a mass of bloody fur in seconds. The speed and lethality of these eagle attacks is part of what makes them so amazing.

There are some hawk attacks in the video as well. It’s not all eagles, but the method of attack is very similar between the two bird types. They both have excellent vision and sight their prey from very far away, then dive in and attack swiftly, ending the confrontation in mere moments. Whether it’s eagles or hawks attacking in the videos, it’s obvious that their talons are incredibly lethal. That’s because those talons can strike with the force of a bullet, rendering a vivacious creature into a dead one in seconds. It’s awe-inspiring to watch the birds go after their prey again and again in supreme confidence, never wavering from their goal or being deterred by the power, size or attacks of the other animals.

It’s interesting to see how the animals react to the eagle pursing them. They almost always seem to take off in fear for their life, running at full speed across the terrain to get away, but the eagle is so supremely fast that it seems like they never have a chance. This video is just one of many like it that showcase the great predatory skills of the eagle. This is a creature with great hunting instincts who must be performing calculations in its mind before each attack to determine the method of approach and the way it will strike its prey to end their life. This really goes to show just how dangerous eagles are and why they are considered the king of birds in many cultures, because just about any animal they tussle with doesn’t seem to stand much of a chance.