Eagles Create Amazing Homes

You may know that eagles have some of the largest and most impressive wingspans in the bird kingdom, but did you know they also build some of the largest nests? An eagle’s nest can be a few feet wide and several feet deep as well, built up out of sticks, primarily. The male and female eagles both gather the sticks for the nest and build it up over a series of weeks, but even when the eggs are laid and the birds hatch, the nest building isn’t done.

An eagle can continue to build its nest over the next few years, since eagles are notoriously territorial and stick with the same nest for life, so long as it serves them well. This is why an eagle’s nest can reach a weight of nearly two tons. They build their nest some place with lots of support, such as in the branches of a tall tree or on a rock. The nest is always built up some place high, because eagles with their excellent hunting vision want an overlook where they can see prey or danger from at a distance. They give themselves an elevated perch where they build their nest, which is why we have the expression “an eagle’s eye view”.
Eagles spend some serious time and thought planning where they are going to build their nest. They hate to abandon a nest, so they put a lot of work into ensuring that they have chosen a good spot. They have a knack, or instinct if you will, for choosing good places to make nests, and it is very rare for an eagle to change nesting areas.

They have a large hunting and breeding area that they consider their own. You will see eagles soaring high above the sky in their areas that they have mapped out for themselves. Unless it is looking for a mate or it runs out of food in its area, an eagle will not venture outside of its territory. These are fiercely territorial birds, and they are aggressive to anything that looks like a danger to their family that goes into their territory.

They don’t even like to migrate. Eagles tend to stay within the same area when the cold weather sets in, because they love their homes so much. The only time they move outside the area is when winter weather makes food or shelter scarce. As leaves fall from the trees and cause them to lose their shelter or as animals migrate out of their hunting area, eagles will expand their hunting searches and move outside their territory to find food. They will not abandon their nest, however, unless they absolutely have to.

If they do have to move away from their home due to winter weather, they will usually return to their original home once the warmer weather starts to come back. They will take up the same hunting patterns and territory that they had before, as they will remember all of their area and how they used to protect it against dangers.

Basic Facts About Eagles – The Legendary Bird

Eagles are magnificent creatures that are revered the world over for their impressive wingspans, regal behavior and intelligent hunting techniques. Here are a few facts about eagles you might not have known before.

Eagles are Super Strong

Did you know an adult bald eagle can lift animals like dogs, mountain lions and even deer high up into the sky as their dinner? One of the favored hunting tactics of the eagle is to ascend with their captured prey and then drop them from a great height, crushing their bones and rendering them lifeless- easy pickings for mealtime.

They Have Played a Significant Role in Several Cultures

Same indigenous people of the Americas have worshiped and revered the eagle in the past. The Aztecs saw the eagle as a holy sign where to build. If they saw an eagle land on a particular spot, they would choose that place to build a temple or other important structure, which is part of why many Aztec structures are perched so high up. Similarly, many Native American tribes looked to the eagle as a symbol of courage and nobility in their cultures.

Eagles Have Very Powerful Talons

Once a creature is in the grasp of an eagle, they are not likely to get out. Eagle talons can produce a whole lot of pressure, and the power of their talon attack is even stronger than that of a speeding bullet. Imagine being grabbed by something that strong!

Eagles Migrate Oddly

Avian migratory patterns vary by species, and the eagle has a very particular way in which they migrate each winter and summer. They always migrate to the exact same spots. Once they have found their favored spot, they will migrate there religiously, never choosing another in their entire lifetime.

Eagles Are Thieves

We think of eagles as being majestic birds that have noble behavior and a certain moral code about them. We ascribe through legend and tales the kind of behavior to eagles that we admire. What many people do not realize, however, is that eagles are often scavengers or thieves. They ae great at stealing fish from other birds, and they don’t mind rummaging through trash every now and then to find their food. Eagles might seem like noble creatures, but really, they are very opportunistic when it comes to food.

They Can Live for a Very Long Time

Bald eagles will mate for life, and those lives can be impressively long. Some bald eagles live to almost 40 years old, which is much older than most kinds of birds, making them one of the most long-lived animals on the earth.

They Make Impressive Nests

Eagles go big when it comes to building a nest. Some of them weigh well over a ton and take up a decent amount of space. The average eagle nest is a few feet wide and a few feet deep, and if the nest does well, the eagle may use it for consecutive years, adding to it as necessary.