Bald Eagles Are Ruthless Hunters: How They Hunt

Eagles are some of the most efficient and powerful hunters on Earth. They may be birds, but they use hunting tactics that are as sophisticated and effective as any lion, bear or snake. Let’s take a look at how bald eagles like to hunt to show you just how impressive they really are as predators.

Vision Like a Binoculars

Bald eagles can sight their prey from very far away. Their eyes are designed for long-distance hunting, so even though they like to fly up hundreds of feet in the air, they can spot a field mouse, quail or other small animal on the ground. Even naturally camouflaged animals can be seen by a hunting bald eagle from a great distance. Eagles have a range of vision that is five times greater than that of a human. They also have greater field-of-depth vision, which means that they can see details you would not and notice small differences between the environment and any living creature moving around in it.

Their Talons Make for Efficient Tools

Eagles are well equipped to catch just about any kind of prey. They love catching fish out of the water, and their talons have unique bumpy parts that help them hold a wriggling fish captive and ensure that they don’t drop their wet, slippery dinner back into the water.

They Soar to Save Energy

Eagles travel great distances to find food that they desire. They need to find enough too to feed themselves and their family, so they often have to travel a lot each day to get enough food, especially since their nests are so high off the ground. Instead of wasting all their energy on flapping their wings to stay up in the sky, eagles will soar on currents of wind. They are excellent soarers and can stay aloft without any need for flapping for a very long time. Most adult eagles can travel as fast as twenty miles an hour without using hardly energy because of their great soaring techniques.

They Eat Pretty Much Anything

Eagles are not picky eaters. Because they have to consume so much food (these are big birds, after all), they can’t be too picky about what they eat. They like to eat fish, small mammals, birds and reptiles, but they will eat carrion or decaying flesh as well as garbage. They only eat organic tissue, but they are not very selective about where they get it. Eagles will take dead carcasses away from smaller animals and enjoy the spoils for themselves. Maybe they get the title of “king of the birds” by the way they just take everything for themselves.

No Fear

Eagles are natural predators with the tools that are perfect for hunting just about anything that’s smaller than them and a few things that are larger. They will sometimes hunt mountain goats and deer that are bigger than the eagle’s body because they know that prey is rather docile and will feed their family for a while.

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