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Many of the answers are found somewhere on this web site. Some can be found by searching the web. Get your “eagle eyes” ready and see how many you can answer correctly.

Name: ________________________


1. What is the name of our male eagle? _____________________________________________________


2. What is the name of our female eagle? ___________________________________________________


3. What kind of tree did our eagles build their nest? __________________________________________


4. What state is the Eagles4kids nest in? ____________________________________________________


5. What is the “crop” when discussing eagles? _______________________________________________


6. Approximately how many days does it take to incubate an eagle egg?

a. 20-23 days     b. 25 – 30 days     c. 32-34 days     d. 35 – 38 days


7. What is the name of the creek near the nest? _____________________________


8. Where is the National Eagle Center located? ___________________________________________________


9. How high in the tree is the nest built?

a. 65 feet        b. 55 feet          c. 45 feet         d. 35 feet


 10. How many full seasons have the cameras been operating?

a. 6                 b. 4                    c. 7                  d. 5


11. Before the Bald Eagle was adopted as our National bird, what bird did Benjamin Franklin want?

a. robin          b. peacock          c. turkey          d. blue bird


12. About how many years can a wild eagle live?

a. 5-10 years old          b. 10-15 years old          c. 20-30 years old          d. 60 years old


13. What is the nail-like structure on the end of each toe called? __________________


14. How many feathers does an eagle have?


a. 2,000 – 2,999        b. 4,000-4,999           c. 5,000-6,999           d. 7,000+


15.  What are the feathers called on the back edge of each wing?   ______________________________


16. What are the nostrils called on an eagle beak? ________________________


17. People should visit eagle nests to take in the beauty? True or False


18. What likely happened to Lucy before season 3 went LIVE? __________________________________________________


19. What were the names of the two eaglets that Larry and Lucy raised? ______________________________________


20. How many countries have watched Eagles4kids? _______________________


 Answer Sheet