Skype Eagles4kids Fans in Iowa and Germany - May 31, 2012

By: Dena - Today was our last day of school and we skyped eagles4kids fans in Iowa and Germany. We talked about our new camera and some of the things we have planned for next year.   I hope you have enjoyed all of our hard work and we look forward to seeing you all next year.   Have a great summer!


Scott Mehus at the National eagle Center - May 25, 2012

By: Rachel - We skyped Scott at the National Eagle Center for the last time this year.  We told Scott about our field trip to a place that does research on native and non-native species of animals in Wisconsin.  The man that talked to us spoke to us about the flying carp that is causing problems in the Missiissippi river and other rivers.  Scott told us that the National Eagle Center is working with them and they are going to feed the eagles at the center flying carp and then they are going to collect their poop to test the DNA.  They want to see if eagles are eating the carp and then flying north and pooping out the remains.  They want to see if the carp are living up by us or is it something else.  We also told Scott that someone wants to band Luke and Lilly and we asked Scott what he thought about that.  He said that would be up to us to decide.  The kids in my class voted not to do it.  We do not want any body messing around with Luke and Lilly.  We also invited Scott to visit our classroom next Wednesday for our eagles4kids pizza party.  He is coming.  He said that he may be able to bring a live eagle when he comes.



Mrs. Hammond's 2nd Grade Class at Third Street Elementary -May 17, 2012

By: Maddie - In the morning we skyped Mrs.Hammond's class in Black River Falls, WI.  We asked questions of them and they asked questions about our project. A lot of my classmates froze up so Mr. Lawrence did a lot of talking.  Mrs. Hammonds class is the one who collected change at their school and donated $383. which is a lot of money.  I have one friend in Mrs. Hammond's class and her name is Natalie.  You guys rock!


Scott Mehus at National Eagle Center - May 11, 2012

Micah - Scott told my classmates and I about an eaglet in Minnesota that got stuck in its nest and the mom and dad eagle were not coming back to the nest. The baby eaglets name was Harmon.  The Raptor Center decided to take it down and take it back to the raptor center for a couple days to make it feel better.  Once baby Harmon was feeling better, they put him back in the nest and they were not sure if mom amd dad would come back.  A day later mom showed up and they are feeding baby Harmon again. 



Scott Mehus at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN

March 12, 2012  -  Scott Mehus the education director at the National Eagle Center skypes the students every other week to talk about the progress of Lucy and Larry's nest and answers any questions the students have.  Scott also conducts the eagle education seminars at the eagle center on a daily basis.  The eagle center has our webpage on a tv screen in the education classroom and Scott talks about it with each of the classes he conducts.



Dr. Robert Brinkmann at Hofstra University in New York City, NY

March 19, 2012  -  Dr. Robert Birkmann is a Professor and Director of Sustainability Studies, Department of Global Studies and Geography at Hofstra University.  His sister is the one who informed him of our webpage.  He posted our project on his blog and he started to receive more interest about our site than anything else he had put on his blog.  He e-mailed us a nice note letting us know the interest we were receiving and what a great job the students were doing.  That led to the students having a skype conversation with him.  He asked the students questions about the project, and the students asked him about his job.  He is originally from Wisconsin and did his undergraduate, masters and doctorate studies in Wisconsin.  The students had a great time talking to him.  



Ms. Bork's 4th Grade Class in Independence, WI

March 21, 2012  -  We skyped Ms. Bork's 4th grade class today and they asked us questions about eagles4kids.  Next time we skype we are going to ask them questions. 



Skyping Mr. Lawrence's mom, nephews and niece

April 2, 2012   We skyped Mr. Lawrence's mom and his nephews Jackson and Griffen, and his niece Grace.  They asked us eagle questions and about our project.  Mr. Lawrence's mom is from Virginia and his nephews and niece are from Pennsylvania.  We also got to meet their dogs named Bo and Maggie.  It was fun skyping Mr. Lawrence's mom to see what she looked like.  I hope everyone is watching eagles4kids on April 6th because our first egg should hatch.  By: Braeden



Skyping Scott at the National Eagle Center

 April 2, 2012  -  We skyped the National Eagle Center today and these are the things that we learned from Scott.  We learned what pip means and it means when the baby eaglet starts breaking out of it's shell.  We learned about mantling which is when the eagle spreads out it's wings  They do this to act big and scare predators away.  We also learned that eagles are apex predators which means they are at the top of their food chain.  Scott also showed us one of their eagles and it's name is Was'aka.  Wa'saka was found in Florida after it was hit by a car.  An eagle from Florida is smaller than a Wisconsin eagle because they are not as fat and do not need as many feathers.  I really like talking to Scott.  Thanks Scott! 

By Grace



Skyping Scott at National Eagle Center

April 17, 2012 -Today when we skyped Scott we had Mrs. Smith's kindergarten and first grade class and Mr. Brigg's third grade class join us. He told us what happens to the eaglet shells in the nest, when the eaglets will start feeding themselves, when the eaglets will fledge out of the nest, why a bald eagle is called a bald eagle and they are not bald, when the eagles will start growing their real feathers, and will Luke and Lilly ever come back to the nest after they fledge.   Scott also showed us Wa'shaka again.  She is the youngest bald eagle at the National Eagle Center and she is from Florida.  She is also blind in one eye. We all had a lot of fun!!!