Season 4: Larry & Lucy

Lucy came back to the area in August but was really laying low and was difficult to spot. Larry on the other hand

was much more noticeable. Both really stayed away from the nest itself.

Many have asked if there will be roadkill deer put out for her. At this time we have elected to see how the winter

goes and not "feed" the eagles like we did last winter. We knew her health last season was of utmost importance

and she was still learning how to deal with her new normal. Her life was really in jeopardy. I chose to contact

the WI DNR and gained permission to pull carcasses off the road and put them near their nest to ensure food for

her. I have contacted the WI DNR for this season and will also pull carcasses off the road, "If we see there is a

need." At this time, she appears to be eating everyday. When she comes to the nest, we see feaking, crop drops

and regular PS's.

Larry and Lucy are approaching a new nesting season and we continue to be amazed by them every day.  In the

meantime, you can usually see her early in the mornings and after 3:00 P.M. She has been sleeping in the nest

most nights. Stay tuned to the daily updates for more on these two wonderful eagles.

Updated on December 26, 2013


Just before the really cold weather over a week ago, Badger Mining and Eagles4kids coordinated a deer drop off.

All the calls were made to the local DNR people to make sure this was acceptable. Soon after the drop Larry and

Lucy were seen eating from the deer. And as of Saturday, January 11th, I dropped off 3 deer hearts courtesy of

bow hunters in Maryland. One of our moderators (Photofun) , sent them via FedEx. Larry actually went down to

eat and brought one back to the nest for Lucy! How cool is that? Do not underestimate how far this project

reaches. I am sure the hunters filled with pride when they knew there genorosity made a difference.


Updated on January 13, 2014