About E4K

Season II

Eagles4kids was created by our teacher who wrote a grant. We named the eagles Lucy and Larry because Silver-Gold, Sampson-Delilah, and Jack-Jill were voted out. The eagle nest is near our school. It is in a cottonwood tree about 60 feet up. Lucy and Larry are roommates with Lucky and his girlfriend Buddy (the squirrels) and they live in the bottom half of the nest.

Last year Lucy left for 10 days during prime time egg laying. Nobody knows why. Maybe she ate too much. The last day she ate a whole rabbit by herself, and she ate 2 animals the day before. We were really disappointed. Lumberjack Larry kept coming back building to the nest even though Lucy wasn't there. Many times he would stand motionless, looking for her. Very sad.

This is our 2nd year of Eagles4kids and we have different classmates than last year. We are in a 3rd and 4th grade combined classroom with our crazy and awesome teacher Mr. Lawrence.  Our school is called SoSET (School of Science, Engineering, and Technology).  We have worked really hard to create this project.  We hope you enjoy it.

 Mr. Lawrence's 2011 - 2012 Class