Mr. Lawrence was the teacher responsible for getting the Eagles4kids project off the ground and to the cottonwood tree near the Beaver Creek. An initial grant was written which gave the project $5,000 to purchase the camera and install everything needed. Season 1 and 2 streamed with no audio. The camera used for streaming was an axis camera, and the views in the late day were famous. Many viewers started to call this the "Golden Nest." It was spectacular. 

The students came up with the name Eagles4kids. They also thought of names for the eagles and in the end, it was decided they would be called Larry and Lucy. Soon after, the "L" family was born with the addition of a squirrel they named Lucky which frequented the nest and narrowly escaped the eagle's talons many, many times. On occasion we would see Larry or Lucy bring a dead squirrel to the nest. This was never Lucky as he would "ALWAYS" escape. So, the students named any dead squirrel Lunch. Of course the "L" family would continue in Season 2 with eaglets, Luke and Lilly. 

However, Season 1 didn't turn out as expected. None of us really knew when to expect eggs to be laid here. We guessed some time late February to early March based on the nest in Decorah, Iowa. Mid March Lucy, our female left and never returned. Not long after another female appeared and Larry and this new female became on bonded pair, and the next season raised Luke and Lilly. Season 2 was the Utopia of eagle seasons. It was so fun to watch and we learned so much.