We learned about rhyming scheme in poetry. Not all poems have to rhyme, but it is what makes them fun. For example, the ending words rhyme in a certain way. One poem may have an AA, BB, CC, DD, EE while another may have an A, B, C, D, A, B, C, D pattern. We had to think of how we wanted our poem to rhyme and then we worked it out. Can you see what the pattern is used in each poem? As a class we listed some things we learned and wrote down some words, and then found words to rhyme with them on the board. Our poem was written in our Eagles4kids journal.


By: Janice Charneski

Eagles go very high when they fly.

They almost hit the sky.


Eagles like to soar.

Can they even roar?


I like their brown feathers.

They are the best bird ever!


They use their beak,

But I think mainly at the creek.


They can make a mark,

in a piece of bark.





By: David Peplinski


I can fly,

In the Sky.


I see a feather,

I see leather.


I can soar,

the wind can roar.


It is dark,

I hear a bark.


I see a nest,

with an eagle at rest.





By: Austin Hansen


It is not legal

to kill an eagle.


The eagle is clever,

but he does not like the weather.


The eagle is in a tree,

but he has to flee!


There is a guest in the nest,

but he brought a pest.


It was very dark,

and you can hear the dog bark.


Eagles have good eyesight,

and they can even see at night!





By: Jasmine Robinson


An eagle can fly in the sky.

They can fly very high.


An eagle can soar.

The wind can roar.


A female eagle can lay an egg in bad weather.

An eagle is very clever.


An eagle can fly with all of its might.

It is graceful when it's in flight.





By: Naomia Lee


The eagle flies in the sky.

The eagle likes to fly high.


The eagle has over 7,000 feathers.

The eagle is sort of clever.


The eagle has a beak.

The eagle is in the creek.


The eagle flies at night.

The eagle has nice eye sight.




Riddle Poem

By: Jackson Shramek

I can fly.

In the sky.


I have a beak.

I can tear meat.


I live in a nest.

I can have guests.




Eagle Poem

Evan Aleckson


At night eagles fly.

They are happily high in the sky.


They nest.

They rest.


I love their feathers,

In the beautiful weather.


I love their beak..

Sometimes they sneak.


They go to the creek.

They go seek.


Spreading out it's long feathered wing.

Comfort in earth's heights, love brings.


As you soar higher an higher.

To come that bit closer.


In the nest is on a tall tree.

It is hard to see a flea.




The Eagle In the Sky

By: Sara Steffenson


The eagle can soar high in the sky.

The Bald Eagle has 7,000 feathers.

The eagle can fly at night.

The eagle can soar to the top of a peak.


Eagles have two eyes.

Sometimes eagles fly in bad weather.

Eagles have very good eye sight.

Bald eagles get and eat fish from the creek.



By: Emmalee


I know an eagle

that is very regal.


It has lots of might

half its brain sleeps at night.


The eagle's nest is big and round.

Here comes the eagles mate calling a gentle sound.


Its body has over seven thousand feathers.

Hey, that eagle is clever!



By: Trenton


The bald eagle will fly.

It loves the dark blue sky.


It lands on a tree.

Now it's mad at a flea.


It's so mad it left a mark,

now she has detroyed the bark.


The eagles can soar.

It caught a fish and made a score!