As many of you know, the last several seasons have been full of drama. Last season a male came in and destroyed the eggs that Blair and Taylor worked so hard to incubate. Taylor had his feathers whipped more than once and in the end, he either left or died defending his territory. We know Blair is back, and the male that was with her in June is here too. The students have named the male Thunder!

So, how do people know which is which? That is easy say, hard to do! When they are together you should notice a difference in size. Females are always larger than males. So then what? The new male has brighter or more vibrant yellow to his feet and beak. Blair's beak would appear dull by comparison. Again, this might not help if they are perched on different branches. Blair also has a feather tuft behind her left eye. This may not always be noticeable either, especially if the camera is not zoomed in. Another feature is the special ridges on top of her nare. That is the top of her beak near her eyes. Blair also has a white feather on her left leg. This feature is valuable. 

For now, Thunder's best feature is the vibrant yellow to his beak and feet. He also has a dark feather as seen below, centered on his upper tail feathers. His tail feather fan appears more narrow at times when compared with Blair. 

We are hoping that ID'ing these two will be easier as time passes, but right now it is OK if mistakes are made. It is understandable. At least we can say it is a bald eagle! HA!

Blair (Left) and Thunder (Right)




 (Blair's estimated age is at 8 but could be older.) 


    Thunder (Age Unkown)






What's in a name? Where did the names Blair and Taylor come from?

During the Civil War the city of Blair was first settled. In 1856 Blair was called Porterville. John Insley Blair was an important person with the railroad. The city's name was changed to his last name. He died in 1899 at the age of 97 years old. In Blair, there is Lake Henry which is formed by a dam. There used to be a feed mill there. The name of the river flowing into Lake Henry is the Trempealeau River. The mascot for Blair used to be the Cardinals before the schools of Blair & Taylor came together. We are called the Wildcats now!! The population of Blair right now is 1,633.

(Overhead picture of of the city of Blair)

Moses Taylor was the important person connected to the GreenBay & Lake Pepin RR. The village of Taylor gets its name from him. Before Blair & Taylor united to form a school the mascot for Taylor was the Trojans. In the year 2,000 there were 513 people, and in 2010 it dropped to 476 according to the Census. Now the sign reads around 530. There is a cafe in Taylor. There is also a museum in Taylor!

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