For the most part eagles have more similarities than differences. We get the question a lot. Who is who or how do you tell them apart? When they are together it is a bit easier simply because Lucy is larger than Larry. In the eagle world, the female is larger than the male.

Our eagles are easier to identify than others. By now, most are familair with the story of Lucy. She is missing a right foot and her left is not "normal" either. Her  hallux on the left foot, which is the back toe was most likely broken and now comes up and under and the talon of the hallux goes between two other talons.

Another characteristic if you cannot see the feet or see her move (waddle) is where the white feathers meet the dark feathers around the neck line. Lucy's neck feathers tend to split like an upside down V or they appear missing under her neck. Larry's white feathers tend to be more consistent. Again, Larry is smaller. The head on Larry is more streamlined or his white feathers appear more slicked back while Lucy's head is broader and her white feathers apear more wind blown. Lucy has a molted the few dark feathers on top of her head so we cannot use that feature anymore.

One last feature is their tail fan. Lucy's tail fan appears to come more to a point, while Larry's fan is more squared off. Also Lucy's tail fan is more stained from the time she spends on the ground.

See the pointy tail feathers on Lucy (left)?

 Neckline is inconsistent going across.