Jeanie and Jim

Jeanie and Jim are a retired couple that live in Winona, Minnesota.  They stopped by our classroom in 2011 to share their love of eagles with the eagles4kids students.  They have played a very important part in helping us organize our fundraising activities.  Jeanie and Jim have donated a majority of the items that the eagles4kids sell at the fundraisers.  Jim makes eagle heads carved out of wood and Jeanie sews the eagles4kids logo on shirts, hats, bags and towels.  They donate all of the items and their time to help out with the project.  Jeanie and Jim also visit our classroom for an hour every Friday and conduct mini-lessons on science, nature, hobbies, art projects, and community service.  Jeanie and Jim also have a love for taking nature pictures and they are the ones that provide us with the pictures of our nest and eagles from the ground.   The students refer to them as their grandparents.  When this project was created we could have never imagined that we would have been so fortunate to have them be a part of our project.  Thank you Jeanie and Jim.  You guys are awesome!!!