Q: Where is the nest located?

A: The Eagles4kids nest is located in west-central part of the state near Blair, WI.


Q: What type of tree is the nest in?

A: cottonwood tree


Q: How high is the eagles4kids nest?

A: about 65 feet


Q: What are the two type of trout in the Beaver Creek below the nest?

A: There are Brook and Brown trout in the creek.


Q: How close can a person legally get to a nest?

A: 330 feet if you are in a car otherwise 660 if on foot


Q: How many toes/talons does an eagle have?

A: 4 on each foot if healthy ( 3 going forward, and 1 towards the back) the back one is called the hallux


Q: How far can an eagle see?

A: Eagles are known for their eyesight. It is said that an eagle can see up to 3 miles.


Q: Where does the name "bald" come form in the name for the Bald Eagle?

A: In latin the word bald means WHITE. It does not mean that it is without feathers on the head.


Q: How many eggs can a female lay?

A: Females can lay up to 4 eggs. Generally, 2-3 eggs are laid.


Q: How long does a pair of eagles incubate eggs?

A: A pair of eagles will incubate eggs for an average of 35 days. The first egg may take longer to start hatching. 35 days is an average.


Q: How long can eagles live in the wild?

A: Eagles can live 20-25 years in the wild. However, a majority do not make it to their first birthday.


Q: What is the crop on an eagle called?

A: It is an organ which holds food after swallowing


Q: What is a pip?

A: A pip is a tiny hole started by the eaglet from inside the shell when it is ready to hatch. It uses t he egg tooth on the top of its beak to start this hole and hatch.


Q: What is an egg tooth?

A: The egg tooth is on the top of an eaglet's beak that helps them break out of the shell.


 Q: How many eagle nests are in Wisconsin?

A: In 2014 there were 1,136 nest that showed signs of occupancy.


Q: How many eagle pairs are in Trempealeau County?

A: There are 19 reported eagle nests in the county. However, some are old nests in which eagles may still visit but not use as the primary nest.


Q: Can eagles turn their head all the way around?

A: No, but with the flexibility of the bones (vertebrae) in their neck they can turn approximately 210°. They have 14 of these bones as does owls. However, can turn their head around about 270°. 


Q: What are some foods that the eagles here have brought to the nest?

A: See link:

Q: How many feathers does an eagle have?

A: Several resources tell us they have between 7,000 and 7,200 feathers. That's a lot!


Q: How many pounds of crushing pressure can an eagle foot make when catching its prey?

A: An eagle has 400 pounds of crushing pressure per square inch.


Q: Humans have nostrils to breathe through. What are these called on an eagle?

A: The holes in the beaks that eagles can breathe through are called nares.


Q: How many primary feathers does an eagle have?

A: Bald eagles have 10 primary feathers.


Q: How many secondary feathers does an eagle have?

A: Bald eagles have 16 secondary feathers.


Q: How many ounces does an eaglet weigh when it hatches?

A: An eaglet can weigh about 2.6 - 4.0 ounces and about 3 inches tall when it hatches.


Q: Approximately how long does it take for a juvenile eagle to fledge?

A: Eagles will fledge approximately 68 - 84 days from hatch. This is 9.5 to 12 weeks.


Q: What is a brood patch?

A: It is the area on the belly area of a bird where the feathers fall out and leave the skin exposed so it incubates the eggs the best.


Q: How many types of eagles are there in the world? 

A: There are actually 3 types of eagles in the world that cane be broken down to Sea Eagles, Snake Eagles, and Booted Eagles. See LINK 


Q: What bird did Benjamin Franklin want as the National bird?

A: wild turkey