Eagles4kids Mission Statement: Eagles4Kids is an online resource dedicated to bringing the world of Bald Eagles to life, from two streaming cameras focused on the nesting activities of a mated pair of Bald Eagles who nurture their young chicks until they are old enough to fly and be on their own, to providing useful resources to teachers to enable them to introduce Bald Eagles to the students in their classrooms, to engaging teachers and students in real time in a chat room devoted to their questions and observations, to offering a wide array of opportunities online for anyone to learn about America's national symbol.

Dear Teachers,

Eagles4kids would like to invite your classroom in to a chat room with a moderator about bald eagles.  The chat will be open for classrooms in the morning from 9:00 – 10:00 (CDT) and afternoon from 12:30 – 1:30 (CDT).  If these times do not work you can email us at Eagles4kids@gmail.com and we can try and work a time that best fits the need for your class.  We would also ask that everyone share this letter via email, facebook, or at staff meetings. The success of this endeavor will be by others who share this knowledge.

You may already have heard about the story of Larry and Lucy, but in case you have not here is a brief outline. Last November on live cam, we discovered by observations that Lucy had a serious injury to the
toes of her right foot. After consulting with experts in the field, and an attempt to capture her, the decision was made that her best option would be to remain free, with hopes somehow she would miraculously adapt. She was not in any pain and appeared healthy otherwise. Because of this serious injury she lost the toes and talons on her right foot, and suffered a life changing disability. Larry her mate has obviously cared for her well and stuck by her side, so we followed his lead. Lucy has continued to find ways to adapt now. Lucy and her devoted mate Larry are now incubating their new egg for this special season. This is truly a miracle in the making before our eyes.

If you are not already familiar with Larry and Lucy there are some identifiable features other than Lucy's injured right foot. She is larger than Larry. She also has some darker feathers that look like dots on top of her head.  Her tail feathers are pointy where as we call Larry (Larry Square-Tail). Larry's beak seems more of a vibrant yellow while her beak is a duller color.  You will be a pro in no time if you watch Eagles4kids.com.

We have a moderator team in place with people from across the U.S. and Canada. They are eager to answer your questions and to educate your students about our national symbol. We hope you consider bringing this opportunity into your classroom.  As the classroom teacher, you will need to have a registered ustream nickname. Go to www.ustream.tv, and click on the “Signup” link at the top right.  Chat will take place at http://www.eagles4kids.com/classroom-chat/.  To get started you can email me at eagles4kids@gmail.com to schedule what day and time you would like to be on chat. We hope you take this opportunity to view wildlife with your class.


Darrin Briggs ~ Eagles4kids.com Project Coordinator & the Ustream Moderator Team