Crowned Hawk Eagle

By Naomia Lee




     Did you know there are more than 60 eagle species in the world? I picked the Crowned Hawk Eagle to learn more about.

     I learned that the Crowned Hawk Eagle lives in a open Savannah. Their color is blackish brown Grey.their weight is 3 or 2 km. their wingspan is 80-90cm. their lifespan is 14 years on average. It lives in tree plantations in Africa. Their food is antelope, monkeys, lizards. Their nest size is 14 0-200 kg.


Madagascar Serpent Eagle

By Austin Hansen

     The Madagascar Serpent Eagle is a medium-sized raptor. It has a long rounded tail and,also short rounded wings. It's lighter grey on it's belly, breast, and throat. It has yellow eyes. It has a sharp, hooked beak with strong talons. It measures 57 to 66 cm (22 to 26 in) long with a wingspan of 90 to 110 cm (35 to 43 in).            


    This bird inhabits dense, humid, and broad leaved evergreen forests in northeastern and east - central Madagascar. It rarely flies above 550.  The serpent eagle eats large and small animals,like snakes,lizards,and frogs. Nesting, egg, and young


    It has a unmarked white egg. The incubation takes about 40 days. The female starts hunting when the chick is 18 days old. The first nest is 80x60 cm. The egg is white and heavily stained


    The Madagascar Serpent Eagle is medium sized raptor. It eats snakes, lizards, and frogs. I just this eagle is pretty cool. It is this cool because it has a sharp hooked beak, and strong talons.  



Indian Spotted Eagle

By Sara Steffenson



     Indian spotted eagle are brown and tan.The Indian Spotted Eagles live in the Southeast of Asia. They live in the wetlands and open forest. It's wings and tail are short, and the head is large to the body. Their call is a high pitched cackle. The nest is a flat platform placed in the fork of a tree. It is built mainly by the (female) though male will bring sticks to the nest site.clutch size is 1-2 eggs, usually both the female and male incubates around 71 days. The Indian Spotted Eagle wingspan is about 60cm in the length of 150cm.

      At first when I looked at the list I thought u hat the spotted eagle was really cool because it sounded like it was spotted.I also thought that under it's wings it has spots but it doesn't. I Hope you enjoyed my report. 


Javan Hawk Eagle

By Kylie Campbell

     Javan hawk eagles have a dark black tipped with white. Plus the wings are dark brown while the long tail is gray with four black bands. There call is a high pitched whistle.There size is 60cm long. Javan hawk eagles live in forest and secondary forest, tree plantations and they often soar above tree tops. They eat small mammals birds, snakes and lizards mammals are perfect. Javan hawk eagles nest are made out of sticks and lined with green leaves they lay eggs in may and August. One of the eggs is laid and incubated for 47-48 days. Fledging takes 68-72 days.


     I think that this bird is cool because the eggs are incubated for 47 or 48 days. That means that it gives the eggs more time. Also they live in tons of places. And they are 60cm long so that means their small.


Ornate Hawk Eagle

By: Trenton Freeman 


A ornate hawk-eagle builds their nest out of twigs, sticks, and leaves. An ornate hawk-eagle usually 
lays one egg. The color of the egg is white with red-brown spots. It takes 44 to 48 days before the 
egg or eggs hatch. The little chick or chicks start to fledge or fly in 13 weeks after hatching. They 
eat small birds, large birds, lizards, and snakes. Historically they were found in south of Mexico but 
now in South America in the jungle with the harpy eagle and orange breasted falcon.


Golden Eagle

By: David Peplinksi

A golden eagle is dark brown,and is known for the golden color of feathers on the back of its head and neck. Some places a golden eagle lives is Albania, Germany, Mexico, Kazakhstan, including  the tundra. Basically it lives on every continent except Antarctica! A golden eagle eats ground squirrels and birds, seals, badger, coyotes and bobcat. A golden eagle nest is on mountains, hills and cliffs. One to three eggs are laid 3-4 days apart. Then they can be about 66 to 102 cm ( 26 to 40 in ) in length when they are grown.