Eagle Poetry – 5th and 6th graders


Love That Eagle (inspired by Walter Dean Myers)     

Love that eagle, like a pig likes to eat

I said love that eagle, like a pig likes to eat

Love, them in the morning

Hey there, Larry and Lucy


About Eagles

 Egg layer

 A  Carnivore

 Graceful Flyer

 Lives in a nest

Eagles were almost extinct by DDT, but were saved.

 By: Hilde


 Eagle poem

 Earth creatures

Amazing creatures

Giant creatures

Loving creatures

Enormous creatures 

By: Peyton H.



 Endangered bird

Amazing flying though the air

Gentle to us

Loving to the young

Exciting to see

 By: Ben



Egg laying birds

Almost left us in the 1950’s

Gliding from the high sky

Local in Blair

Even deadlier than the last

By: Brennan



 Eagles are really amazing

Eagles are really amazin

Eagles are really amazi

Eagles are really amaz

Eagles are really ama

Eagles are really am

Eagles are really a

Eagles are really

Eagles are reall

Eagles are real

Eagles are rea

Eagles are re

Eagles are r

Eagles are

Eagles ar

Eagles a







By: Alyxsis



 Eagles are awesome

 Awesome creatures

 Gigantic birdie

 Lean mean eating machine

Eats a lot of fish

 By: Eric


Eagle Poem

 Eagles are cool 

Awesome animals 

Good friends 

Love to fly

Eaglets are fur balls

 By: Nick J.



 Everlasting birds

Athletic animals

Great hunters

Lethal predators

Energetic & fierce

By: Tradon




 Eagles are amazing

Awesome birds

Great birds

Life giving

Easy hunters

 By: Ethan




 Exciting animals

Amazing parents

Gaining from near extinction

Loving creatures

Everlasting eagles

By: Bailey A.




 Egg Laying Birds

 Awesome Flyers

 Great Entertainment

 Living Animal

 Extinct, Almost

 By: Alex  




 Extremely good hunters

 Always on the look out

 Giant nest

 Lean mean killing machines

 Excellent animals

By: Deven



 Efficient at flying 

 Awesome hunters

 Giant birds 

 Lovely animals

 Egg layers

By: Jacob


 Eagle Poem

 Extraordinary animals 

 Amazing birds

 Great creatures

 Long birds

 Eaglets are little 

 By: Megan


 Eagle, Beagle? SEAGULL?

I once saw an eagle that looked quiet like a Beagle

 So I named it Seagull

They all kind of rhyme

So listen to the church bells chime

I love the sound of my eagle

That looks like a Beagle

Named Seagull

When it lands on the ground


Amazing National Bird

E…ncourages the support of our troops

A…nimals once endangered

G…orgeous birds

L…arge appetite

E…xtra ordinary



 Extraordinarily free

 Good flyers

 Lovely birds

 Excellent flyers

By: Skyler                                     



Eat everything

Amazing birds

Giant birds

Loud birds

Eagles are fun to see.

By: Reed



 Extremely Dangerous


 Giant bird

 Large Nest

 Eats many different animals

By: Dylan