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Thunder Caught A Fish & Close Up View

This looks to be a Brook trout that Thunder caught. There are two types of trout in the Beaver Creek. There are brook trout and brown trout. In the spring, the eagles go after the sucker fish mostly. they are big and plentiful and they catch them in the shallows as they get ready to spawn. There is another fish called a chub. When they get bigger they can grow spiny horns on their head. The first video is of Thunder while pretending to incubate on the nest. He is a great looking eagle. 

Video courtesy of Keith Byer. 

Extra video of Thunder bringing an opossum. 



Thunder Shares Food Again

You can hear Blair squeal and then she flies down from the front branch. Thunder flies out front and into the nest. Blair gets louder and is telling Thunder great job. In the end, Thunder stepped to the side and let her have it. She ate for quite awhile. 

Video courtesy of Keith Byer.


Stick Delivery & Another Pellet

Thunder brought a huge stick back to the nest. He had a little trouble placing it. They are getting ready for eaglets by making the crib rails higher. In the second video it shows Blair coughing up a pellet. Watch at your own risk! Owl pellets are different from eagle pellets. Owl pellets have bones in them and eagle pellets don't. Eagles have an acid that helps dissolve the bones. Owl do not.

Videos courtesy of Keith Byer. 


Things Are Heating Up!

Thunder is bringing in some nice fluff material. Today he laid down in the area of the nest bole for a long time. The eagles are scraping the nest bole area, and showing behavior that eggs are in the future. There were two matings today. One was on the side branch and one on the nest. If you have not put in your hunch for the date of the first egg, remember you have until midnight February 19th. 

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Videos are provided courtesy of Keith Byer. 


Ho Hum Is The Way We Like It

It was another Ho Hum day with Thunder spending much of it perched in the tree. Later in the day, Thunder filled up on something he liked. It might have been a possum. This video is from Keith Byer with activity from this morning. 

Food Delivery


Surprise Visitor

The classroom had a surprise visitor today. Author and retired teacher, Jim Hornby, dropped by to sign a copy of his book, and meet the students. His book, Grandpa Like to Take Pictures of Eagles is a book written with passion for eagles, and a desire to share it with others. His picture book began with his grandkids in mind. A picture of our nest and eagles is in the book. I knew another picture was our tree as it was a picture of the side branch. Thank you for the book, Mr. Hornby!


Here is a link to the article written by Jordan Simonson.


Getting Busy

Keith Byer provided the video.


Fluff, and an Interesting Fly In Manuever



Some Nice Action Today

Videos brought to us by Keith Byer.


Pellet Expelled & Another Rabbit

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