Blair In With Grass

Thunder has been a no show. Of course we wonder what is up with him. Blair continues to show us this is her nest with her dropping off grass. We wonder what the future holds.


Red Tail Visited the Nest

At this point, the chance for eggs is gone. What looked so promising all winter is done. Any chance at seeing something here now is a bonus. Check out this beautiful read tail hawk on the nest today.



We Need More of This

Nest visits by our eagles are far from frequent. It is exciting to see an adult on the nest though. 


Blair and Later A Sub Adult on the Nest

This morning Blair came flying in from the direction of the highway. She announced her landing when she came in. We wonder why Thunder does not come in with her. Weird. He use to all the time. Later, it sounded like Thunder was above the cameras at 10:28. Then not long after this sub adult came in from the front branch. You can see it move and then down it came. It messed with some of the nest material and then back up it went to the front perch. the sub adult looks like maybe a 4 year old bald eagle. it still has dark on its head in places, but there is some white. 

Videos are courtesy of Keith Byer.


At Least There Were Two


Blair Late In The Day

Better late than never. Blair had a loaded crop when she arrived. She was here long but flew north when she took off. Keith Byer grabbed her take off for us.


Two Sightings

Getting a glimpse of the eagles is about as hard as finding the leprachauns on Saint Patrick's Day. 


Blair Shows Up For Us!

Video is by Keith Byer.


Today's Highlights

We had some perching above and a fly in to the side branch as well. I also spotted a sub adult around the 3 year old mark just south of the nest. I my drive by however that was all I saw. Tree videos are courtesy of Keith Byer.

Sub Adult Video



A Thunder Sighting

Views of Thunder have been few and far between. Wish e could see him more. 

Video courtesy of Keith Byer.

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