Quiet Day Beside the Wind


Good Morning, Thunder!

Thunder doesn't make many visits, so when he does we take notice. You can see early in the video he appears to be flying from the north and towards the farm. He must have circled and flew in to the front branch shortly after that. When he leaves he showed us his dark spot on his tail feathers that helps us ID him. 



Hey, since we have ducks, let's change the name to Ducks4Kids! Just kidding, but aren't the wood ducks cute?


Blair's Wet Morning Visit

Video produced by Keith Byer.


Killdeer Preparing for Nesting Season

After the visit this morning and then another fly up above and out of view of the cam, I drove up in hopes to get a look where they are going. That didn't play out so well. I didn't see any eagles, but saw a few hawks. I also witnessed a pair of Killdeer behind he nest preparing for their nesting season. They are fun to watch if you can keep track of them. Their camouflage is superb do when you take your eyes off them, it takes a bit to find them again.

This is an additional video after the den branch visit this morning. This video is by Keith Byer. 



Possible Thunder Sighting!

It has been a long time since we have seen Thunder leaving some speculation about what happened to him or where did he go. This morning it appeared that he came to the side branch and had prey. The eagle had not white, thin feather on the leg, and had dark around the eyes, and a more pronounced supraorbital ridge. It sure would have been nice to see the dark tail feather but I guess we will have to wait for that.

Thank you to Keith Byer for the video this morning.


Blair in With a Pigeon

Video By Keith Byer.



Blair This Morning

It is that time when a nest has no eggs to make some changes. Friday, March 31st will be the last day for chat on the two-cam page. If you have watched chat or have been a chatter, please help me thank all our E4K moderators that have volunteered their time. We couldn’t do it without them. Sometime by morning the chat tab should be eliminated, but the SS or Social Tab will remain. We will continue to update as we see an eagle(s). 


Blair This Afternoon


Blair's Morning Arrival

We don't usually see this entrance from Blair. Either way, it is nice to see her. No sightings of Thunder since March 11/12th. He must be on vacation. Video by Keith Byer.

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