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Blair & Thunder Today

Videos are courtesy of Keith Byer. 


Eagle Time

We are on eagle time just waiting to see how this all shakes out. Thank you, Keith Byer for supporting us with videos today.


Nest Visit Today...Eagles On Edge

This video is courtesy of Keith Byer.

While the eagle was on the side branch after visiting the nest, there was one in the tree above or close making vocals. it was thought it was Blair's vocals. You can see another eagle flying high in the video. 


Blair Perched But No Nest Visits

Blair flew to the front branch this morning and stayed longer than expected. She did several wing stretches and appear like she was going to fly off several times before she did. Later there were vocals from above. For some reason they are not comfortable coming to the nest. 

Video is courtesy of Keith Byer.


Important Update

Many of our viewers have been wondering when our eagles will return to the nest. Unfortunately, there are more questions than answers. We do not know the timetable for this pair on when we could expect eggs. Thunder is new to us, and last year with the number of territorial disputes and attacks it pushed Blair and Taylor off their schedule from the season before. 

Signs pointing in the right direction here would be nesting activity, which ceased since the morning of the raccoon event. I have no reason to believe the raccoon in the nest is the reason for the sudden turnaround. When and if nesting behaviors continue, then we need to give Blair and Thunder time to get in synch and their hormones back on track for a chance of success this season. Keep in mind, last season Blair laid her first egg on March 10th. That was late by all accounts, and one would say that there was a lot more stress on them then, so there is still hope. However, they still came back to the nest and worked unlike what we are witnessing now. I think the eagles have this all figured out, they just don't let us in on it. 

Why is this happening? I can tell you that there are a number of eagles in the territory of the Eagles4kids nest. This does not mean that there are not eagles around other local nests. I know there are, however their reason for staying around a bit longer here has to be a food source not far from the nest. Nobody associated with Eagle4kids is responsible for the food source.  I can tell you that the food source has been picked up as of last week. However, the damage may be irreversible for this season to be successful. How many times have we said, "Time will tell?" 

Currently, the eagles in the area may be migrating birds. They are not a real threat. It is the eagles that are likely native to this area, and without a mate that would be of concern. Most are males. They have hormone levels causing them to "act like a bull in a China shop." They can be out of control. If these eagles disperse, and sooner the better, then Blair and Thunder can get back on track and do what they are put here to do. I have no doubt they are a bonded pair as we have witnessed. They have had a full year to get to this point. 

Notice I am not blaming anyone today. There are plenty to hold responsible, but I will not do that here. If I see posts doing so, they will be deleted. Our classroom is of third graders, eight and nine years old. I teach responsibility, respect, honesty and being safe each and every day. I hold my students accountable, and only hope that the adults reading today's post do the same. 

Please keep tuning in daily and watch for nesting activity. We will do our best to communicate what might be happening off camera when it is possible. 

We are not giving up hope!


The video by Keith Byer is of Thunder making a visit to the tree. You can see other eagles causing trouble. 


Blair To The Front Branch

Finally Blair showed up today. Many heard vocals this morning above. It may have been Thunder. That was before 7AM. Here is a video from Keith Byer of Blair's visit.


Eagles Nearby But Not In the Nest

I can tell you that I saw several eagles today, most were very young. I can say there were at least 5-6 young eagles. When I first got there I saw one adult perched across the highway, and one that appeared much larger was flying around. I lost sight of it as I was driving, and cannot confirm I saw it again. I did see an adult in a nearby field up the highway just a short distance, and several young eagles came flying in. The video is of that adult and a young eagle that landed in that field.


Eagles Across the Highway



Two Visits Today

Two visits today is good, but they didn't come to the nest. With bad weather I guess we should be happy to see anything at all. Thank you for your patience as we wait for them to get back to their normal schedule.


One Visit This A.M. & Hopefully More To Come!

Video by Keith Byer.