Same Field, and a Beauty Just South of Town

This is just down stream from the Eagles4kids Nest area. This is the same eagle and it was very active preening its feathers. I think it had just eaten as it appears the right foot was red on the bottom. This eagle was in a slightly different spot compared to yesterday.


Eagle In a Field

This eagle was just downstream from the original Eagles4kids nest tree. Maybe it had caught something and had a meal. This soybean field was just harvested and there was a dark spot or pile. It could have simply been a pile of soybean material thrown out by the combine.


Pleasant Surprise!


Both eagles were around after work today. The first located was behind the Original Tree in a tall pine where I used to park and watch the nest. The other was near the farm in a usual location.




Eagle Perched Across From Old Nest Tree

I was surprised this afternoon to see an eagle perched in the very tree I have been thinking "could" handle an eagle nest. I believe this is Blair. After the first video I took I came back two hours later and she was still perched and gave me some more opportunity to give another angle. We will be keeping a watchful eye on this particular tree in the coming months. For now, we have to settle for the glimpses we do get.


Camera Recovery Day

Today, my son Landon and I went to the nest to recover the cameras or what we could. I brought a ladder in case we needed to put it in the water and work from. I really had no idea what there was to work on for a solid base below the cameras. After going in and surveying what other tools we might need, we went to my parent's to get a couple more tools to aide in the process. Luckily, the ladder was not needed. A huge thank you to my son for basically listening to everything I instructed. He did wonderfully in cutting wires, and unscrewing the mounts from the tree. The ptz cam had water in the dome as a gasket had come loose. That cam is likely not going to work again. The fixed cam is in what appears fine shape, as well as the extra IR Illuminator we had for better viewing at night. On another note, an adult was seen on the bridge just the other day, getting a dead chipmunk. 


Getting instructions about what needs to be done first. 


Unsrewing the 4 inch screws that were used to mount the brace to the tree.


Trying to cut the last stubborn screw to take brace off the tree.


Both cameras removed from the tree. The "Pines" motel is in the background over his right shoulder.  



Eggs Laid Research

Here is our research from eggs laid in online nests. We hope you find it beneficial if you have been wondering what is typical or average in nests.

     Eagles4kids DATA: Only wild nests were used in this set of data. Please consider that some years eagles do not lay eggs or maybe a cam is removed or added which changes the data. This data is to give us a year by year look at the percentages for eagles on LIVE cam.
     Data was collected from, as well as using information from individual cam pages. Keep in mind, this data collection is used to give viewers an idea about the percentage of eggs laid. We hope you like it!

2017 2016 2015

Alcoa, IA 3 2 2

Avon, OH 3 3  

Berry College, GA 2 2 2

Blackwater, Md   2 3

Blue Bank, TN NA    

CarbonTV, MI 2 2  

Dale Hollow Lake, TN 3    

Decorah, IA 3 3 3

Decorah/DNN, IA 3 3  

Duke Farms, NJ   2 3

DC Eagle Cam 2 2  

Eagles4kids, WI   2  

Eagle Valley, WI     2

Earth Cons. Corp, Washington DC Eagle Cam, DC 1 2  

John Bunker Sands Wetlands, TX 2    

Jordan Lake, NC NA   2

Johnson City, TN - ETSU 2 2  

Bluff City, TN 2 2  

Fort St. Vrain, CO 3 3 3

Glacier Gardens, AK 1 1

Delta 2, British Columbia 2 2 2

LaFarge, British Columbia      

White Rock, British Columbia 2   3

Harrison Mills, British Columbia 2 2 1

Hornby, British Columbia     2

Hanover, PA 2 2  

Harmar, PA 1 2  

Harrison Bay, TN 1 2 2

Humboldt, CA   2 2

Lake of the Ozarks, MS 3 2  

Bald Canyon, CA - Channel Islands 2    

Big Bear, CA      

Two Harbors, CA   2 2

West End, CA   2  

Sauces, CA all 8 broke  3 1

Fraser Point, CA      

San Clemente, CA   2  

Turtle Bay, CA _Redding, CA 2   3

Miles City, MT   1 2

MN DNR, MN 3 3 2

MN Bound, MN 3 2 3

Main 1, ME     2

NCTC, WV 2 2 3

NE Florida AEF, FL 2 2 2

Notre Dame, IN   1  

Pittsburg Hayes, PA (1) N.A. tree fell 3 3

River Valley Farms, VA   3 3

Sandy Ridge, OH 2 3  

Southwest Florida, FL 2 2 2

Standley Lake, CO 3    

Sutton, OK 2    

Upper Miss, Refuge, IL 3 3  

Washington DC  2    

Wolf River, WI   2  

Kenai Eagle Cam, AK 2    

Number of Nests Acounted In Data 35 38 26

Nest Totals & Percentage of Egg(s) Laid % %

One Egg Laid 4 =11%  3 = 8% 2 = 8%

Two Eggs Laid 19 = 54%  25 = 66% 14 = 54%

Three Eggs Laid 11 = 31%   10 = 26% 10 = 38%

Four Eggs+ Laid 1 = 3%  0 0


Eagle Sighting

Yesterday, June 17th, I observed an adult eagle soaring just across the highway. I will update when information warrants. Sorry no picture or video available for this report.


Lucky's Greatest Escape yet!


Destructive Storm Knocks Out E4K

I was watching the radar closely as storms were making their way to camland. I was especially worried by the bowing of the front as it got closer and closer. The winds really picked up. It seemed as if a tree had fallen first into the nest tree. It wasn't long after that it appeared like the nest tree was taken down in this powerful storm. I have a confirmed report that the nest tree is in fact on the ground. I have no idea how the fixed cam made it through and is still streaming. I wish I had better news today, but this would be the end to Eagles4kids it seems. I will report back, when I have more details. 

Video by Keith Byer.


Eagle on Front Branch