Bite Your Tongue!

Keith Byer provided us with Arrival and Depature videos. Just before Blair left she was comical in the way she looked like she was biting her tongue. She left as people trout fishing came to enjoy the day. This stream has been a favorite spot for as long as I can remember for trout fishing. 


Blair Back Again

Video by Keith Byer.


Thunder Deserves Some Close Up Time

Thunder has not exactly given us many looks since February 17th. That was the last best day we had here this season. Today, was the first day we have seen them perched together since that day as well. Surprisingly, Thunder stayed a while longer for us after Blair left this morning.


Racoons Continue To Be A Problem

The nest tree is wrapped in metal and has been for over a year. However, there are three trees nearby that the racoons are using as a bridge to get into the cottonwood. They will have to be wrapped as well and sooner rather than later. 

Videos by Keith Byer.


Blair Twice This Morning

This video is by Keith Byer of Blair leaving the first time. 


Blair's Morning Arrival 

While Blair was on the front branch this morning, I can tell you that another adult was perched about one mile away. Of course there is no way to know if it was Thunder, but it seems likely.

Video published by Keith Byer.


By The Farm...Finally

Finally! It has been a while for whatever reason that I have seen one here. Just as I stopped filming, it took off and circled to the south. I went in circles and then flew north across the highway from the nest and caught the afternoon thermals are soared up, up, and away.


Juvie Today and Adult Perched Nearby

First two videos by Keith Byer. We think it was the same young from the other day. It sure was showing how it could move sticks around and fluff up nesting material. 


Blair With A Late Day Visit

I have been seeing an eagle or two now for a few days but not near the nest. They have been about a mile and even further to the north. However, the perching is generally a mile away in a normal location on a hillside oak tree which overlooks the nest area. Today we got a glimpse of Blair thanks to one of our cam operators after Blair made vocals that she was in the tree. 


Juvie Visits

Keith Byer captured the visit this morning of a young eagle visiting. We have seen this before. It was interesting it brought something into the nest.