March 3, 2012 - An Afternoon Switch

Lucy was in the nest and Larry popped in with some grass and  hay. Larry landed on Lucy's tail and Lucy got up and she looked like she was going to yell at him but instead she left to go to the bathroom or get somthing to eat. Larry looked at the egg and he walked over to it and let it sit for awhile. Finally Larry sat on it and got comfortable until Lucy came back to the nest.  I don't think Lucy trusts Larry with the egg.



March 2, 2012 - 4:30 - Lucy lays First Egg

We had already left for home on Friday when Lucy laid her first egg.  When I watched the video I could see she was moving and lifting her body, and her feathers were spread apart.  This is when she was laying her egg.  Lucy got up and turned around and looked at the egg.  Then Larry flew in and turned his head and looked at the egg several times.  He must have been thinking, "what just happened, there's an egg in the nest".  Then he said, I'm getting out of here", and he flew away.  Lucy went and sat back down on the nest.  I was very happy and excited.

By: Gracie


Lucy flew to the ground!!!

Lucy and Larry were in the nest Thursday March 1, 2012.   They were moving stuff around the nest and fighting every once in awhile.  Then Lucy flew down to the ground where we saw the black animal from a month ago.  She just hung out and walked around.  Larry was all alone in the nest.  Lucy looked like she dive bombed into the creek to get a fish and then she disappeared and there was no Lucy.  We want eggs!

By: Elisabeth



February 29, 2012 Leap Day Activity

On leap day Larry came into the nest and was working on it.  He was also watching Lucy flying around the nest.  Then Lucy came to the nest and they both started working on the nest making the egg bowl. Then Larry flew away and Lucy laid down on the egg bowl.   Early in the morning the camera is black and white and then it changes to color when it gets lighter outside.  Lucy and Larry kept coming and going like they were confused.  It must be leap day because it is also confusing to me.

By: Bailey


February 28, 2012 - Most Active Day Yet (3 Videos)




February 27, 2012 - Lucy Gets Cranky


Lucy flew in late evening and laid down for a little bit.  Then got up and moved some grass around.  It looked like she was calling Larry.  Then shortley later Larry came in!  Then they where moving stuff around and fighting a little. Then Larry took off and Lucy laid back down for a little bit.  Then she got up and moved more grass around.   She then laid back down again. After it got darker she got up and Larry came in and they stayed for a while and then they both left.



February 26, 2012 - Food, Aeronautical Landings & Poop Shoot


Poop Shoot Hits the Nest


February 24, 2012 - Lucy Gets Cozy, AGAIN!


February 24, 2012 - Lucy Attacks the Stick


February 24, 2012 - Lucy Eats Another Fish