Camera Recovery Day

Today, my son Landon and I went to the nest to recover the cameras or what we could. I brought a ladder in case we needed to put it in the water and work from. I really had no idea what there was to work on for a solid base below the cameras. After going in and surveying what other tools we might need, we went to my parent's to get a couple more tools to aide in the process. Luckily, the ladder was not needed. A huge thank you to my son for basically listening to everything I instructed. He did wonderfully in cutting wires, and unscrewing the mounts from the tree. The ptz cam had water in the dome as a gasket had come loose. That cam is likely not going to work again. The fixed cam is in what appears fine shape, as well as the extra IR Illuminator we had for better viewing at night. On another note, an adult was seen on the bridge just the other day, getting a dead chipmunk. 


Getting instructions about what needs to be done first. 


Unsrewing the 4 inch screws that were used to mount the brace to the tree.


Trying to cut the last stubborn screw to take brace off the tree.


Both cameras removed from the tree. The "Pines" motel is in the background over his right shoulder.  


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Reader Comments (1)

Thanks a million, Darrin and Landon! Landon is a rockstar for retrieving all the precious E4K equipment! Sorry to hear about the PTZ, but glad the fixed cam and new IR will still work.
Who knows....maybe another nest will have a cam someday for the students (and all of us fans) to watch!

June 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterKelli Rooney

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