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Acrostic Eagle Poems & Evening Visit

Students are working on learning about poetry and writing some as well. We have learned about patterns in poetry. For example students were tasked with trying to write an ABAB poem where the first and the third lines rhyme, and the second and the fourth lines rhyme. They also were introduced to acrostic poems which do not need to rhyme. Here are a few student examples .


Acrostic Poems


E agles eat dead elk.


A lways lives in a big nest.


G reat big birds


L ay eggs


E agles are amazing birds.


                        By Jacob



E veryone watching eagles soaring in the sky


A n eagle is pretty, fly eagle fly


G o eagle, go as you fly up so high


L et us see you, come on you beautiful guy


E verybody loves you, now fly eagle, fly


                                    By Lauren



E agles are in the nest.


A ll eagles are looking for food.


G olden eagles can hunt ducks.


L ook at the eagles.


E agles are cool.


                                    By Easton

Evening visit is courtesy of Keith Byer. Blair came in late tonight after not giving us one glimpse today.

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