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"Lucy and Larry's story touched our

hearts and helped our "sistah" bond

grow even stronger. After our visit, we

both left the nest that day with the

warmest feeling as we watched Lucy

soaring free and strong."

~ Laverne & Kim

"Sistah" means sister in Hawaii



In honor of the retirement of Cherna

(Chex) Gorder, Chief Finance

and Business Officer of the Wausau

School District for 24 years.  She has

watched over buildings, grounds, and

finances and now wants to spend her

time watching over eagles.














April 17, 2014

Video by Keith Byer



April 16, 2014 ~ U.F.0=Unidentified Food Object!

Warning: Video may be too graphic for some people.

We are not really sure what the food was that Larry brought in. He seemed to be waiting for NF, but it took her a while to show. And by then Larry had another bird that he brought in too.

Close Up of U.F.O

Video by Keith Byer.





April 16, 2014 ~ Stick Fight!

Video by Keith Byer.


April 15, 2014 ~ Student Update


April 14, 2014

Video by Keith Byer

Video by PeginVa

Video by Keith Byer

Brook Trout Video: Thank you Wildearth Archives.



April 12, 2014

Video by Keith Byer

An eagle flies into the nest and move around parts of the nest. Then the other eagle flies in and starts helping. Then they stopped for a moment, but then started again. Then the first eagle flies out and the other follows.


Please click the pictures to view the last two videos. Thank you Wildearth for the archives.

It is showing the female. Larry and the new female are in the nest. I think that Larry flew off. Now it looks like it is in the field. It moved on to a tree and the camera is zooming in and out. I see an eagle sitting on a branch. I think it is Larry. He is looking around. Larry and the new female are calling and after a minute they called again.

By: Austin


April 10, 2014 ~ Daily Events

Thank you, Keith Byer for the video.

Larry flew in with a squirrel. Next, the NF flew in. Larry flew off to the southeast. It was cool. Then Larry brought in hay.

By: Dylan

First, Larry flies in with a fish and he starts nipping at it. Larry starts looking around almost like he sees something and he does. The wind starts blowing really hard and then the new female flies in the nest. The new female takes the fish from Larry and then Larry just starts messing around with the sticks and Larry sits around and then flies of the nest. If you look to the right on your screen you'll see Larry and he turns around and lands in the nest. Larry flies off again and lands in the nest almost on the new female and then then they start moving sticks around. Larry flies over to the perching branch and stays there.

By: CC and Faith

Thank you PeginVa for the video.


April 8, 2014 ~ Branch Breaking Fly By 

Larry broke off a stick then the new female was in the nest. Then Larry brought the stick in the nest. They were playing. They make the nest pretty. Larry flew off and then the new female flew off too.

By: Linnea and Gabby


Student Paper

Rayna Swanson is a student in Mrs. Johnson's 5-6 SOSET class. Rayna responded to the challenge of researching the effects of lead poisoning in the environment and the effects it has on eagles.Thank you Rayna for your diligence and writing a wonderful paper!


Lead Harms Eagles

Why Fishing Gear and Ammunition Should Not Have Lead

     Do you hunt or fish? If you do, do you know if your ammunition or fishing gear has lead in it? If you do not, you should find out. Did you know that lead is a poison and can kill eagles and other animals?

     Some fishing gear and ammunition has lead in it. This lead can be introduced into the food chain. For example: You are out fishing and you hook a fish. The fish has the hook stuck in its mouth and it breaks the line. Then, an eagle is hunting for food and eats the fish with the lead hook. Now, the eagle has lead poisoning, because it cannot digest the lead.

     After lead is consumed, an eagle has a limited time to live. The Wildlife Diversity Program of Iowa said, "Eagles with lead poisoning may exhibit loss of balance, grasping, tremors and impaired ability to fly." If an eagle has lead poisoning it cannot fly, so the eagle cannot go get food to survive.

     Mr. Briggs, the manager of eagles4kids said,"BB ammunition can kill an eagle." Also, Marge Gibson from the Raptor Education Group, Inc. said, "The symptoms for eagles with a large dose (of lead) are dramatic. They convulse or have strong seizures, strong enough to break their wings, they usually die from seizure activity."

     If you are looking for ammunition or fishing hooks you may look at the prices. Many times people choose the cheaper ammunition and fishing hooks. The lower priced items almost always have lead in them. Always be aware of what you are buying and using.

     In conclusion, if you hunt or fish, please check your fishing gear and ammunition for lead to prevent poisoning. Try not to let the cost of ammunition and fishing gear persuade you to buy the items with lead. Remember lead is a poison for many animals. For more information about eagles, go to or Let us all take our part in helping the eagles.

Eagle with lead poisoning

Photo by Marge Gibson Eagle with lead poisoning

X-Ray of lead inside of an eagle



April 7, 2014 

Videos by Keith Byers

Click picture for video.

Click picture for video.

Thank you, Braeden for your screen captures.


April 6, 2014 ~ We Just keep Going

Thank you PeginVa for the video.

The camera starts out in the dark with it looks like Larry in the nest. He looks around for a while until the new female (nf) flies into the nest. They move around for a bit and fiddle with the nest. The nf looks to have brought food or something back to the nest. Larry looks at it and flies out. The nf looks around then flies out of the nest. The camera switches to day and Larry is in the nest. Larry looks around then flies out while the nf comes in and then looks around and flies to the branch. The eagle sits on the branch for a while until she flies back into the nest. She looks around then starts moving around until he flies away. The camera moves to the branch and then back to the nest. The nf  flies into the nest and fiddles with the nest and looks around and walks around and she flies away. The camera zooms in and the eagle is picking and spreading its wings. Then nf flies onto the branch. The nf seems to be eating something in her talons. The nf also seems to be itching his wing. Larry flies of the branch and that is when the video ends.

By:  Gabe, Isaac, and Colton

Thank you USTREAM mods for the daily events.

5:57am-Larry arrives on nest.

6:16am-NF arrives on nest.

6:20am-Larry flies off.

6:21am-NF flies off. 

6:39am-Larry back on nest. 

6:42am-Larry flies off.

6:53am-eagle on perch flies off.  

6:58am-NF on nest. 

7:00am-NF to perch. 

7:04am-Larry on nest.

7:08am-Larry to perch branch.

7:39am-Larry flies off branch.

7:40am-NF has PS and flies off branch.

8:45am-Larry on nest.

9:10am-Larry flies up to perch.

9:19am-Larry flies off perch.

9:20am-Larry flies to nest with small stick.

9:26am-Larry flies off nest.

10:14am-Larry to nest with food.

10:15am-NF to nest.

10:22am-NF flies to den.

10:26am-Larry flies off.

10:28am-NF flies off.

6:26 pm - Larry arrives on perch.

6:28pm - NF arrives on nest,  Larry joins her.

6:32pm - NF goes to the den branch.

6:33pm - Larry leaves the nest.

6:35pm - Larry returns to the nest, with a small stick.

6:37pm - Larry leaves again.

6:38pm - NF flies off the den branch.

7:33pm - Larry returns to the nest

7:38pm - Larry flies off


April 3, 2014 ~ Visitor Gets Flight Papers & Skidaddles!

Thank you Kelli Rooney for the video.


April 2, 2014 ~ Some Highlights

Thank you Keith Byer for the video.

Working Together ~ Click the image below to watch the video.

Thank you mods for events of the day.

6:00am or so - Larry on nest at 6:00ish

6:45am-Larry flew off the nest being very vocal.

9:12  She arrives first and he follows.

9:21am - Larry to the den.

9:23am - Nf flies off nest.

9:54ish am - NF off the den perch.

10:08am - Larry brings stick to the nest.

6:12pm - Larry arrives on the nest.

6:29pm - Larry off the nest.

6:32pm - Larry back with a stick.

6:38pm - Larry off the nest again.

6:39pm - Larry back with a stick.

6:40pm - Both eagles seen on the nest.

6:49pm - Both leave the nest.

6:51pm - Larry returns with a stick.

6:56pm - Larry leaves.

7:03pm - Larry returns.

7:33pm - Larry flies off.

7:39pm - Both return to the nest.

7:56pm - Both leave the nest.



April 1, 2014 ~ No Fooling Around!

Thank you Keith Byer for the videos.

An eagle flew into the nest and started wigglin' and wablin' lookin' around. Now, now, no fooling around. The eagle in the nest was playing ISPY with another bird that was calling for a little bit. Then an eagle flew in the nest. April Fools! It became day break. He sat down. He started walkin' and talkin'...JK, he didn't talk, he doesn't have anyone to talk too. Then he flew away. Good bye Larry!

By: Lindsay and Abby

PeginVa's video


Interesting Article About Cutting Eagle Nest Trees

Thank you to Sunnie Day, one of E4K's mods for bringing this article to my attention.

Cutting Trees As Social Experiment Continues


March 31, 2014 ~ Last Day Of March!

Thank you Keith Byer for the video.

Click pictures to play the videos below.

Both Come To Work

Larry flew in then the other eagle flew in. Then they were digging around in the nest. The female perched on a branch and then Larry went beside her. Then Larry flew back in the nest, then they both flew away.

By: Grace Kling

Prepare For Take Off!


March 30 , 2014 ~ Another Intrusion

Thank you Keith for the video.

Another eagle seemed to be in the mix this morning. We know Larry was there and a female we have seen, and she came in to flush another female out.


March 29, 2014 ~ More Controversy Tonight

Thank you Keith Byer for the video.

One eagle flew in from the highway, and then oone flew in from the field. The eagle in the nest jumped over the one flying in. It exited at the 9-10 O'clock position and flew toward the highway. Shortly after the female went to Larry's branch and scouted the territory. Finally, it returned for a short stay in the nest and flew out towards the field.

This is closeup video of the female after she left the nest during the intrusion. She stayed there for a bit and looked around. She returned to the nest and not long after flew off the nest. We are not saying which female this is. Larry has had at least two, if not three females after Lucy left.


March 29, 2014 ~ Late Morning Action!

Thank you Keith Byer for the video.

Both arrive at 10:03.
NF to den with food at 10:05.
Larry out and back at 10:10
Larry to den at 10:17.


March 29, 2014 ~ Larry & NF Calling Out

Please click the image to play the video.