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Eagle Nearby

I saw an eagle flying from the direction of the farm. Of course I was hoping it would stop at the nest or tree but it flew right past with a black bird pestering it. I followed it a good distance, and lost it one time. After locating it and observing, it appeared to be hunting. I left it finally not far from the nest as it flew back near the nest area but across the highway. It was flying with a turkey vulture at the end.


Nothing But Fly Offs and a Fly By

Sightings continue to be brief. Here are a couple fly offs from the last couple days and this morning an eagle flew by going towards the farm. It was gone by the time I got there. Keith Byer continues to give us the short glimpses of eagles here. 


Eagle Chases Off Raccoon

A raccoon took advantage of the nest that is not being used and thought it looked like a comfy bed. In fact, the raccoon was sleeping for some time. It would wake up and clean itself and then curl back up again. Suddenly, an eagle went swooping away from the tree towards the highway. Was it perched up in the tree above watching? Maybe. It came in several times and one time it came in from the highway side and put its feet down to attack. Shortly after, it landed on the front branch. It is nice to see the protection of the nest, but it still doesn't explain why we don't see them very often. They should be perching downstream or by the farm catching fish this time of year. Thank you, Keith Byer for making the video. 


Quiet Day Beside the Wind


Good Morning, Thunder!

Thunder doesn't make many visits, so when he does we take notice. You can see early in the video he appears to be flying from the north and towards the farm. He must have circled and flew in to the front branch shortly after that. When he leaves he showed us his dark spot on his tail feathers that helps us ID him. 



Hey, since we have ducks, let's change the name to Ducks4Kids! Just kidding, but aren't the wood ducks cute?


Blair's Wet Morning Visit

Video produced by Keith Byer.


Killdeer Preparing for Nesting Season

After the visit this morning and then another fly up above and out of view of the cam, I drove up in hopes to get a look where they are going. That didn't play out so well. I didn't see any eagles, but saw a few hawks. I also witnessed a pair of Killdeer behind he nest preparing for their nesting season. They are fun to watch if you can keep track of them. Their camouflage is superb do when you take your eyes off them, it takes a bit to find them again.

This is an additional video after the den branch visit this morning. This video is by Keith Byer. 



Possible Thunder Sighting!

It has been a long time since we have seen Thunder leaving some speculation about what happened to him or where did he go. This morning it appeared that he came to the side branch and had prey. The eagle had not white, thin feather on the leg, and had dark around the eyes, and a more pronounced supraorbital ridge. It sure would have been nice to see the dark tail feather but I guess we will have to wait for that.

Thank you to Keith Byer for the video this morning.


Blair in With a Pigeon

Video By Keith Byer.