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Incubation Day #38

Taylor takes over for Blair in this video. 

Thank you Keith Byer for the video.

Taylor Takes a Tumble

Looking for a PIP...There is a dark spot as Taylor rolls it that was on the bottom, but not conclusive at this point.

Please click the image for the video.

Earlier Switcharoo

Taylor Has The Tumble Down


Incubation Day #37

Someone asked if we are on PIP watch. This reminded me that I have not really made any announcement. In a normal situation we would be, but this is anything but normal. We are on PIP watch, but with caution. We should expect a delay since eggs were left unattended with only Blair incubating. We do not know the result of the cold temps yet, and realize the outcome we may have here. 

Taylor incubates for the 3rd time, and two days in a row!

Evening Incubation By Taylor

Video By Keith Byer


Eagle Nest Survey Flight With DNR

Thank you to the WI DNR for allowing me to take the backseat while performing eagle nest surveys for Trempealeau & Buffalo County. I have a new found respect for what they do. It is a grueling flight, at least for me. Every nest in Trempealeau County that we visited had incubation going on. I helped them add 3 more nests and they saved the wave points for future flights. I hope you don't expect a lot of great video. The size of the  plane makes that difficult, but that is how it goes. Thankfully, the winds were not like the last few days or it could have been a lot worse. The video starts with some still pictures of the early part of the flight.


Incubation Day #36 & Taylor Incubates for the 1st Time

Earlier...A Look At the Eggs

Taylor Does It Again!


Incubation Day #35

Video by Keith Byer.

Mid Day Action