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They Were Around This Morning

This morning I watched one eagle fly off a nearby oak tree and join up with another, and they were circling over a part of the highway. Of course the concern is always if there is a dead animal they might spot for food. There was no animal on the road, but I did see a spot on the road where there was blood. Maybe someone hit something and removed it. If so, good call on the driver's part. As it was, one of the eagles did land on the side near the shoulder of the road as I was told. The eagles will always have the traffic as an obstacle here. I know people worry, but it is something they chose to deal with when they chose this tree. There is no getting by it. 


This Is Going To Be A Long Waiting Game

It is nice the eagles are back and so busy, but it will make for a long wait. I guess we can take it. Please take a look early morning for some of the best activity. The eagles were perched a lot in the nest tree today. 

Thank you, Keith Byer.


Early Signs Are Positive

It has been obvious to those viewing that NM is here to stay. Blair and the new male have a very good bond and are working together like a bonded pair does. Today was another sign that things are moving in the right direction. It is a long time before eggs are expected here but to say we are excited would be an understatement. 

This is kind of a time lapse of the clouds rolling in this afternoon and the eagle flying in and landing on the side branch. Cool!

Thank you Keith Byer for both videos.


A Busy Morning

What looked like was going to be an uneventful morning, turned out to be very busy. Here is a short video of some of the ins, outs and action on the nest with Blair and NM. We have not decided yet on a name. We will let you know when we do. Thank you Keith Byer for the video.


Three Eagles Again Today

Video by Keith Byer.

Photo by Lano Chris. NM (New Male) was on the side branch, and Blair was up top I think. She didn't waste much time escorting that eagle out.