August 22, 2014 ~ First Eagle Sighting

This was my first eagle sighting since the very beginning of June. I got word that there was an eagle perched across the highway yesterday. Sorry the video is short, I guess I got there just in time.


Cam Work...Done :)

A special thank you to Eric Wright and Mr. Lawrence for the time and dedication today. We accomplished our main goals. We did replace cable to both cameras and everything is sealed up nicely. We also mounted a junction box near the base of the tree. All cable is within conduit. Eric also trimmed some branches way out on the side the help us see when the eagles perch downstream and viewing across the highway should not be impeded either. We are still diagnosing the blower/heater, but are not worried. It was a long day and needed to call it a day. Here is a video that shows some of the accomplishments.


Trappers...Please Read!!!


Madagascar Eagle

By: Coltan Brezany

HMMMM... I wonder where the Madagascar Fish Eagle lives. Oh wait... It lives in Madagascar!!!  This eagle on average can get up to 24-32 inches in size. The females weight is about 2.6-2.8 kilograms while males weigh 2.2-2.6 kilograms. They eat fish at a length of 25-35 centimeters long. They also eat crabs, turtles, and birds. They usually lay 2 eggs. They have big nests made of sticks and leaves. They are cool eagles!

Madagascar Fish Eagle Hunting


Wind Power Threat

By Olivia and Destney