Pestering Crows


Still Bringing In Sticks, & Season Ending Plans

Season Ending Plans: April 30th is the last day for chat on USTREAM. The social stream will remain open all summer for people to check in from time to time. May 31st will be the last day for the cams. They will be shut down. We have some work to do with the PTZ cam and the wire harness. In that wire harness is the wiring for the PTZ microphone. That will need to be repaired as well. 

I know this was not the season people we were hoping for. It was our best chance it seems to have a had of at least one egg hatch. We haven't had a hatch here since Season 2. But, we move ahead with Season 7 in the fall. My only hope is that viewers do not hold a grudge against the male we are observing now. He is a strong, beautiful male that did something that eagles have done since there were eagles. I know it was hard to watch...believe me, it was difficult for me too. I also knew that Taylor was out there somewhere and to date we still do not know his fate. It is highly unlikely at this point to see him return here. It is just where we are now in the process. We will worry about naming, etc. next season if all remains the same. I would like to believe in time, that viewers will come to love this male too. It just may take some more time than others. There is a lot of time for Blair and this male to form a bond. Next season looks promising based on what we have seen to date. We hope you continue to peek in now and again before we shut the cams down. The eagles usually come in the morning and again late in the day. This morning, they were there until around 10:00. 

We would like to thank all the E4K fans out there, and the donations the project received this season! Eagle On!

Video is from Keith Byer. Thank you, Keith!


April 28th Visit

 Thank you Keith Byer for the early video.

Mid Morning Activity


April 27th Visits

Videos by Keith Byer. Thank you.


Early Morning Visit & Afternoon