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Eagles Across the Highway



Two Visits Today

Two visits today is good, but they didn't come to the nest. With bad weather I guess we should be happy to see anything at all. Thank you for your patience as we wait for them to get back to their normal schedule.


One Visit This A.M. & Hopefully More To Come!

Video by Keith Byer.


No Other Eagles Seen Today!

After days of eagles flooding the area, today was a more peaceful day from our camera perspective. Only two eagles were seen after work today. We could see one perched by the farm for a long time. One flew in and perched for a short time with it before flying down towards the creek. Later this evening, one came and perched on the front branch, and it was mentioned that one flew down too from high above the cam. Let's hope that peace takes over and Blair & Thunder can do what they are suppose to do, and the migrating birds will keep flying northward. 

Video By Keith Byer. 


Pictures By The Farm

Image zoomed in.


Finally, Eagles Show Up

The eagles created a stir among many viewers as they stayed away from the nest and tree this past weekend. That will happen when many eagles are drawn in as the pair will naturally defend the territory. Hopefully, the other eagles will move on and Blair and Thunder can get on with the breeding season.

Thank you, Keith Byer for the videos.


Coon Gets A Wake Up Call

This coon spent much of the night on the nest snoozing away. Blair and Thunder have made a nice soft bed that is for sure. Ironically, it was one night out of the last six the eagles were not in the tree. This morning after the coon left the nest, he/she returned but was buzzed once and the eagle missed its head. The second torpedo mission was successful as the coon took a blow to the side. That couldn't have felt good. It decided to leave. The eagles continue to make quick fly by missions, and are in protection mode. It is possible the coon is still somewhere in the tree perhaps, but it sure makes sense if it left completely. 


When Will Be The Day She Lays?

Video is courtesy of Keith Byer.

Morning Clips


Busy Eagles!

Video by Keith Byer.


Cool Fly In

Cool Fly Ins. One had a stick! Video is from Keith Byer.


Mating, Bole Is Formed & More Nesting Material

The bole for egg laying has been formed several times and then with walking around they trample things down. For the most part though when you check in you can see where Blair will lay her eggs. There have been several mating events lately, and it is believed that when it is successful it can be between 5-10 before the first egg. We just don't know when that success is. Also it is normal for there to be 3 days between each egg laid. 

Videos are courtesy of Keith Byer.