ECC Nest Activity

Video by Eagle Trek Low


ECC/ MPDC- Evening visit

Video by Eagle Trek Low. This video shows an area where they might like to perch at night. Nice camera work in a tough spot to get to. The branch in the foreground of the nest tree can make it difficult to get to and where the camera can focus. 


Earth Conservation Corps Eagle Cam

Eagles4kids will be working along with Earth Conservation Corps. and their eagle cam project in Washington D.C. One of the most ironic things is that Wisconsin helped bring eagles back to the D.C. area back in 1996 when juveniles were brought to D.C. What a success story! If you would like to learn more about E.C.C. Please click the link to their page, and the second link has additional link to learn more. Currently, we have their cam streaming on our homepage and the two cam chat page.


This morning the students were introduced to the E.E.C nest. I told them what we are going to do and they were excited. We will start slow and see where it takes us. At times, students can even have the opportunity to move the cam around. Just think how interesting that concept is for an 8-9 year old. We can move a camera mounted in a tree near Washington D.C. with our computer!

Video is by Eagle Trek LOW early this morning.


More Eagle Action


Eagles on a Deer

Another deer is in the field across the highway. It is a roadkill so please don't worry about lead in this one. However, deer are still being put close to the territory and if there is a nest close by it is not necessarily a good thing. There was a third eagle you can't see in the video. South of Ettrick, I have been seeing lots of eagles perched in a tree the last three days. There must be a food source there. I will continue to report what I see and add videos every now and then. Thanks for watching.


Eagle Sightings Today

I saw 4 eagles today. Two were adults and two were young ones. I observed the one adult fly in and land by the young one. At that point I got my camera. The I spotted another young one just past my parent's house and there is video of that one by itself. As I was heading home, I spotted one near the bridge and was going to get video of that adult but the other one I was watching had apparently left its perch and flew over me and I got a little of it flying and landing by the farm. Of course, I ran out of disk space at that time! :(


Hawk Raised By Eagles - New Documentary!

Christain Sasse, documented the scenario where a baby hawk was being raised by a pair of eagles on Vancouver Island. Please read the article and then take a look at the newly released documentary he created for all the enjoy! Thank you, Christian Sasse. This is amazing video!



Eagles Abound Today

The first eagle was spotted by the farm. Suddenly it took off when I least expected and then there were three but the video shows two sticking together and the other one just flew around nearby. After a bit, the two decided to go land in a tree across the highway. Near Galesville, I spotted the pair that has a nest up from the Beaver Creek bridge. They were perched downstream a bit. 


Eagle Near the New Ettrick Sign Again

An eagle has been sighted several times in this alfalfa field near the Ettrick sign. It is strange. I believe it is also the eagle I have two videos of in a cut bean field recently just up the highway. Some would automatically wonder if it is Lucy. It is not.


Eagle By The Farm

This is a popular perching location. The Beaver Creek is just below this eagle and wide open to catch fish. I will let everyone know if I ever spot a nest. Nothing so far.