January 28, 2015 ~ Male Brings Food, Female Gets It

Thank you Keith Byer for the videos. It was a busy day.

AM Clips


Food Video


January 24, 2015 ~ Male With His Best Stick Yet

We have seen the male bring in some small sticks, grass, and even a corn husk. Today was his best stick to our knowledge. As February gets closer and the days get longer their hormones will start kicking in gear. Their instincts will take over.

Thank you keith Byer for the video.

The female seems to be telling the male he needs to work on the size of branches he brings to the nest. Check her out as she twirls the stick like a baton. You can see the male leave and swoop down off the perch above and quickly return.


January 23, 2015 ~ Beautiful Jump & Fly Out

Thank you Keith Byer for the videos today.

This season we have observed the new eagles lying in from all directions. The last five season Larry and Lucy seldom came in from the 7 O'Clock direction on the nest. Several visits from that direction this season already. We also didn't see that much tree trimming in the nest tree like the new female likes to do. The 2nd video shows her jumping up and then a graceful fly out. She came back to the nest with a stick. The morning video shows a short bit of working together before the male left for the day.


January 22, 2015 ~ Awesome Preening

We have seen the eagles preen feathers before. Today the female was preening the long tail feathers. She used her beak and would clamp down and move it all the way to the end. Preening helps shape the feather. It is also a sign of a bird's health.


January 22, 2015 ~ YM With A Hunk of Meat!

The male flew in with a piece of red meat. We don't know what it was. It was too small. He has not brought any food to the nest for the female and shared yet. We wonder when and if that will happen. Up until now, he has probably hunted food only for himself. He better get used to hunting food for the female and eaglets if he is going to help raise a family. We hope he does. Thanks for viewing Eagles4kids!

Thank you Keith Byer for the video.