These are the books I have in my classroom and students have really enjoyed them. I share with the other classrooms as well. This list was updated on April 1, 2015. Noticde there are a few titles that are not eagle books but related in some way.

Title Author Level
"Fly Eagle Fly" Sally Moorer & James Rogers
A Bald Eagle's World Caroline Arnold 3.6
A Season With Eagles Dr. Scott Nielson
Amazing Animals Eagles Kate Riggs 3
An Eagle Named Freedom Jeff Guidry
Animal Eagle Diaries Steve Parker
Bald Eagle Gordon Morrison 5
Bald Eagle Nest: A Story of Survival in Photos Kate Davis
Bald Eagle Road To Recovery Susan H. Gray
Bald Eagles Emily Dolbear 4.9
Bald Eagles Meryl Magby 4.6
Bald Eagles Lynn M. Stone 3.8
Bald Eagles Jayson Fleischer, Gee Johnson
Bald Eagles Emilie U. Lepthien 4.2
Bald Eagles Sandra Lee 4.3
Bald Eagles Charlotte Wilcox 5.7
Bald Eagles James E. Gerholdt 4.1
Bald Eagles Doug Wechsler 4.3
Bald Eagles Animals In My Backyard Pameal McDowell
Bald Eagles: A Chemical Nightmare Meish Goldish 4.7
Beauty's New Beak  Jacqueline Adams 3.5
Brother Eagle, Sister Sky Susan Jeffers 4.4
Challenger America's Favorite Eagle Margot Theis Raven
Clumsy Eagle Melanie Hamm
Dancing Eagle and the People of the High Country Teodoro Morca
Decorah Eagles A Love Story Susan Crouse Schneider with Darci Thelaner and Pete Waschberger
Eagle  Judy Allen
Eagle Boy Richard Lee Vaughan
Eagle Boy Gerald Hausman 4.2
Eagle Eye Terry Collins
Eagles Kari Schuetz 1.9
Eagles Patrick Merrick 4.5
Eagles Laura Evert 6.1
Eagles Deborah Hodge
Eagles Aubrey Lang
Eagles Birds of Prey Gary Dickinson
Eagles Lions in the Sky Emery & Durga Berhard
Eagles Up Close Christopher Blazeman 3.2
Esther the Eaglet: A True Story of Rescue & Rehabilitation Christie Gove-Berg
Fly, Eagle, Fly! An African Tale Christopher Gregorowski 3.8
Grumpy Bird Jeremy Tankard
Hunting With Bald Eagles Paige Thurnherr 4.2
Inside a Bald Eagle's Nest: A Photographic Journey Throughthe American Bald Eagle Nesting Teena Ruark Gorrow
Is the Bald Eagle Sleeping Jocelyn Won
Let's Learn About Eagles Breanne Satori
Little Liam Nancy McGrath
My Little Book of Bald Eagles Hope Irvin Marston
Plate Full of Color Georgia Perez
Quiet Please: Eagles Growing Carloyn Stearns
Raven A Trickster Tale From The Pacific Northwest Gerald McDermott
Saving Eagle Mitch Barbara Chepaitis High Level
Soaring Bald Eagles Kathleen Martin-James 2.3
Soaring With the Wind Gail Gibbons 5.3
The Bald Eagle Judith Jango-Cohen 3.5
The Bald Eagle Norman Pearl 4.2
The Bald Eagle Lloyd G. Douglas 2.7
The Bald Eagle Gee Johnson
The Bald Eagle Patricia Ryon Quiri 4.7
The Bald Eagle Karen Latchana Kenney 3.7
The Bald Eagle Elaine Landau 4.7
The Bald Eagle  Joan D. Barghusen 9.6
The Bald Eagle Endangered No More Mac Priebe
The Bald Eagle Haunts and Habits of a Wilderness Monarch JonM. Gerrard and Gary R. Bortolotti
The Bald Eagle: American Symbols Debbie Yanuck
The Bald Eagle: An American Symbol Alison and Stephen Eldridge
The Bald Eagle: Symbols of Freedom Tristan Boyer Binns 4
The Chicken Eagle John Newman
The Comeback Kids Book 4 The American Bald Eagle John D. Weigand
The Eagle and the Rainbow: Timeless Tales from Mexico Antonio Hernandez Madrigal 6.2
The Eagles Are Back Jean Craighead George 3.7
The Legend of Old Abe: A Civil War Eagle Kathy-jo Wargin
The Old Woman and the Eagle Idries Shah 3.7
The Unstoppable Eagles: The True Story of Patriot and Liberty  Terry Lhuiller and Joanne Brady
Through the Eyes of the Eagle Georgia Perez
Tricky Treats Georgia Perez


This is a link so a few Native American legends you might find useful.