Welcome to Eagles4kids, Season 5! The chat on the two cam page is now open. We have seen some

nestorations. There has been no sighting of Lucy since she left in March. Larry has been a no show to the best of

our knowledge. There are several eagles here. The eagles in our area typically lay eggs in March but could be

late February. Enjoy the views and the eagles. FYI: During the winter we can experience very cold weather. The

PTZ is more susceptible to fail at temperatures approaching -10 degrees. The fixed cam has not failed with

low temperatures but could. For those that are new to this nest, it is located in west-central, Wisconsin not far

from the city of Blair.


The young male (YM) is on the left, new female (NF) is on the right. No names will be given at this

time. We want to make sure that this is indeed the pair that will be nesting here this season. There is

plenty of time for that. The female appears to be mature, and is busy bringing in sticks and grasses.

The male appears to be young based on the darker markings on the head and tail. His tail

feathers are wider than the female in this picture but may not always be a safe ID. Look at the head

and it should be much easier. When they are together, he is smaller but not by a lot. The male

brought his first stick on December 15th.


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