Season 4 has ended.  Thank you one and all for making Eagles4kids a great place to visit. We hope

you choose to check back in the fall. We will communicate when Season 5 will go LIVE! We leave you

with a playlist of videos from the season.


Currently, we are in a testing phase of the PTZ stream. Once phase 1 is complete, we will be testing

the fixed cam. After phase 2 testing is complete we will let you know if the cams will remain on, or if

we will go offline. I can tell you that two eagles have been observed nearby but not at the nest tree.


For those of you new to our site and eagles, our eagles do not lay eggs until early March. That is a

long time off. For now, we wait patiently. :)

Help us keep the cams and project going.



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E4K has reached 111 countries as of September 6, 2014!

The newest country is Benin.


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September 2013 - 8,904

October 2013 - 22,290

November 2013 - 27,048

 December 2013 - 31,415

January 2014 - 52,998

February 2014 - 49,392

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June - 7,999

Season Has Ended    



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